Life in Balance

Well this is super weird to be on this side of the PR game, but St. Louis Business Journal recently contact me about a new feature that they were working on called Life In Balance, a look into a typical day for members of the STL business community. Reporter Veneta Rizvic thought our crazy lives here at JP might be interesting for the piece. Here’s a link if you’re a subscriber, and I included a screenshot if not below.

This article was a really fun exercise because let’s be honest, feeling balanced is HARD. But when I started JP, it was a crucial goal for the business. You can read more below, but here’s a few important takeaways for me and my team.

  • Flexibility is key. If we have a big dinner or work weekends, we make up that time. I want my team to feel the freedom to switch up their work environments or work remotely if traveling. This helps us set up our day for success, and that doesn’t always mean locking yourself in your office.

  • Listen to your body. I’ve learned this the hard way. I’ve suffered from insomnia and anxiety at different points throughout my career. You hear about many “burning out” of the PR profession. I’m now at a place where I can feel it coming. I know that I have to make time for exercise to be productive. I know that if I have a busy week coming up that I need to have a few chill nights at home. It’s all about proactive self-care!

  • Work Smart. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of this job, but “work smart” is something that I learned from my former boss, and something that I apply even today. When we are at work, we work hard and efficiently. We set weekly, daily and sometimes hourly goals to ensure we accomplish what we need to for our clients.

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