A tomato sprouted it all...

For founder Caiti Carrow, an intrinsic excitement about food and where it comes from started at a young age. One of her earliest food memories started from the source, picking tomatoes at her grandfather's farm. She witnessed how hard work and patience delivered results - crimson tomatoes that only needed a pinch of salt to be perfect. 

We take the same approach at Jasper Paul PR & Marketing. We develop thoughtful storytelling and execute carefully-selected, impactful initiatives for our clients. We take the time to get to know them beyond just a chef's recipe or a cocktail's ingredients. We connect them to groups and individuals who share their values and passions along the same vine. We're the bit of salt that raises awareness of our clients' inspiring work and takes their business to the next level.

The name, Jasper Paul honors to two great men who represent this spirit of hard work and excitement around hospitality, founder Caiti Carrow's two grandfathers -Jim "Jasper" Carrow, the unintentional foodie, and Paul Snowden, the tirelessly, hardworking farmer.


Caiti Carrow, Founder  

A love of food and adventure is in Caiti’s blood. Family gatherings were always centered around the table growing up, but a life-changing, six month study abroad trip to Granada, Spain became the catalyst for her future career. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Business-Marketing, Caiti moved to Chicago to pursue her culinary appetite. After working at a small agency, her passion was further ignited in 2010 when she joined the team at Wagstaff Worldwide, a leading, national hospitality public relations and marketing firm. In her over six years there, she had the opportunity to work with nationally-recognized chefs & restaurants, hotels, food & beverage brands as well as large-scale events across the Midwest and beyond. After 8 years in Chicago, she felt the pull home to St. Louis. Now, Caiti works with some of the most acclaimed chefs, restaurants, bartenders and brewers in the city (and she'd argue the country). 

If she's not jetting around to one of her clients establishments, you can probably find her drinking a cortado at Blueprint Coffee or running in Forest Park with her adopted pup, Polly (follow her @pollythecollie on Instagram).